Author A.R. Meyering
A.R. Meyering is a graduate in English from the University of California Santa Barbara with a specialization in Victorian/Neo-Victorian Literature. She is the author of the steampunk-fantasy series The Dawn Mirror Chronicles and the dark fantasy, Unreal City, which garnered a positive review from Publishers Weekly. Her heart pounds for the horrifying, the sublime, the delicate, the elegant, and the fascinating. She is a life-long fan of fairy-tales, gothic horror-shows, clever mysteries, children’s stories that aren’t quite for children, steam-powered wonders, and sweeping fantasies. She is a dedicated geek and gamer, an educator, and a pug enthusiast. During her life, she’s traveled to study occult literature in Scotland, and has stayed with host families while attending school in Japan. She lives in Southern California with her two pugs, Zuul and Vinz Clortho.
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YA Horror,
Literary Classics International
Book Awards, 2015
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YA Horror,
Book Awards, 2016
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Unreal City